About HS Access

For many young people, the idea of going to high school can seem a waste of time. Some parents too feel that elementary education is all their children need. However, research has shown that young people who go through high school are likely to derive more out of life than their colleagues who don’t. Because of this, all children have a right to access high school education fully. Without it, they will be starting life from a position of great disadvantage.

Below are reasons that prove why high school education is mandatory for all children.

Increases their chances of earning better salaries and wages

The job market is quite dynamic. Nevertheless, it has remained stagnant in one specific area; that is, young people who receive high school education receive 20% more salaries than those who don’t! What is more, anyone who graduates high school will always earn more than one who never graduated. Based on this, there is no doubt that high school education puts children in a better place of making more money once they start working.

Increases their chances of finding and keeping jobs

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that high school education enables children to – later in life – not only find but also keep their jobs. Employers are always on the lookout for students with high school certification or degrees. They consider such individuals more knowledgeable, thus, the likeliest to grasp instructions and do what is required of them. In addition to that, 60% of jobs available in the market by 2020 will be for people with high school or college degrees.

Makes it easier for them to acquire new life skills

High school education is also effective at ensuring that students stand a better chance of acquiring new life skills. The modern world requires more than one skill to be successful. You can’t make much out of this life with 1-2 skills only. Therefore, denying children access to high school education will be putting them on the path to a life of failure, absence of skills, and possible poverty. Examples of life skills that students acquire in high school include:

  1. Independent thinking skills
  2. Improved capacity for expressing thoughts and opinions
  3. Enhanced capacity for applying knowledge and data into real-life problems
  4. Forming goals (both long-term and short-term) and following them through
  5. Ability to learn how to balance their duties and responsibilities
  6. Increased capacity for working well with others

Leading long, healthy, and fulfilled lives

What is more, a high school graduate has a better chance of leading long, healthy, and fulfilled life. Such people know how to fill their lives with meaning and purpose. They know what to do to find the happiness that eludes many of their peers who never went through high school education. Furthermore, research shows that people with less than 12 years of education are more prone to dying early than their colleagues who have received over 13 years of education.

Making positive contributions to the society

While it is true that societies are full of different types of people, going forward, humanity will need more individuals who are able to make positive contributions. How does high school education help here? First, it prepares students to comply with existing laws. Two, it educates children on different ways of taking care of themselves. Additionally, it helps students to strive to learn to look at the bigger picture and do what is for the greater good of all people!

Therefore, high school education is mandatory for all children. For this reason, the society, parents, and governments have to ensure that all children attend high school without any difficulty. High school prepares students to be better individuals in most aspects of life. Generally, it introduces people who are not only knowledgeable, but also full of the skills required to lead successful lives. To reiterate, all children must access high school education.