How to Write an High School Essay

In times past, high school students had to put up with plenty of tests that required one-word answers. Today, schools and teachers require these students to write their answers in a paragraph or essay. For this reason, it is essential for high school students to know how to write outstanding essays. After all, teachers will rely on these essays to grade each student. Poorly written essays don’t get much approval from teachers but attract their wrath instead.

Below are a few tips to help you draft an exceptional high school essay.

Determining the type of essay to write

What type of essay do you wish to write? You could always determine this based on the instructions the teacher gives. In many instances, the teacher will clarify this issue for you too. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the type of essay that the teacher needs. Regardless of the type you settle on, they will all follow the same pattern of around five paragraphs. Typically, the following are the most common types of essays that high school students write:

  1. Persuasive essays
  2. Expository essays
  3. Narrative essays
  4. Descriptive essays

Give it a proper structure

The most important issue here is the structure. Therefore, structure the essay properly. The key is in breaking it into easily readable parts known as paragraphs. You would be committing an unpardonable sin by sending an essay in the form of a solid block of text to your teacher. Assuming that teacher has been facing some backbreaking work and is mentally exhausted, your solid block of texts would not inspire him to award you good marks. A good structure has:

  1. An introduction
  2. Body/paragraph(s) that makes several points
  3. Conclusion

Structure each paragraph appropriately

Now that the entire essay has a good structure, your next task is to ensure you do the same for each paragraph. In this regard, you should remember this simple formula, “S.E.X.I.” Here, “S” refers to the statement, or the paragraph’s main point. “E” is the explanation you offer for the statement. “X” is an example that demonstrates your main point. The “I” refers to the importance of the point. Remember to do this for all your paragraphs to please your teacher.

Write with a plan

Next, you have to stop writing haphazardly. Always work with a plan. A plan is like a map. It shows where you want to go. For this reason, it must have a starting and ending point. The beauty of it all is high school students don’t need a whole day to come up with a plan. You can scribble it quickly on your note pad. It simply describes what each segment of the essay will talk about. It gives the essay a skeleton, which you would then flesh up with more content/words.

Research the topic

Now that you have a plan, your next task is to research the topic exhaustively. Fortunately, you could always go with the books in your library. Alternatively, you could also turn to the Internet to provide all the information or facts that you need to build a great essay. Depending on the question asked or the requirements the teacher made, your research could take some days or only a few minutes/hours. Nevertheless, do not try to write an essay before researching.

Never forget to revise and edit

You may have concentrated on the essay by shutting off all distractions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that everything is fine with it. Consequently, it’s important to finish it early, go through it from start to finish, and edit the parts that don’t seem right. Even the world’s best writers go through their work more than once to check if everything is great. You should be the biggest critic of your essay. The purpose of doing this is to ensure the essay makes sense.

With this information, you should now be able to write an amazing high school essay.