Why Education is Important for Every Child?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the United Nations passed lists education as one of the basic rights to which each person is entitled. For this reason, it is essential for parents, guardians, governments, and societies to ensure that each child accesses and benefits from education. More crucially, it’s worth reiterating that education is important for every child, as you will see below.

It reduces poverty

Education is capable of ending extreme poverty. In many cases, parents may not have the wherewithal required to continue waging war against poverty, successfully. In such cases, this war is then transferred to the next generation – kids. Without education, these kids would lack one of the most potent tools required for fighting poverty. Children who receive quality education are more likely to:

  1. Join the list of more than 171 million people who are able to overcome poverty with nothing other than basic reading skills
  2. Earn more income
  3. Reduce economic inequalities that have kept their families in poverty
  4. Enjoy more economic growth
  5. Implement eco-friendly solutions

Enables children to reach their full potential

It’s important to note that children have their goals and aspirations from early childhood. Most of them would like to go into similar careers to their parents or a close relative. What is more, most children start displaying hints of their potential from early age. For this reason, they need all the education they can get from such early stages in life to accomplish life-long dreams. Any child who doesn’t get good education is probably likely to be disadvantaged for life.

Enables children to overcome social inequalities

Many children who never receive any formal education have to face a life full of social inequalities that seem impossible to overcome. Now, it’s worth stating that education can cause inequality. However, anyone with a positive outlook will put more attention on its ability to enable youngsters to reduce the social inequalities that their families have struggled with for generations. How does good education to all that?

  • It exposes all children to similar opportunities, which strengthen social mobility
  • It increases children’s cognitive abilities

It increases a child’s access to life-changing opportunities

Children who receive good education can access life-changing opportunities easily. How does this happen? For starters, educated kids are able to identify opportunities. Moreover, they can then express themselves well thus increasing the likelihood of getting jobs or funding to support their dreams. In this case, life-changing opportunities aren’t limited to jobs only. They also refer to businesses, self-employment, further education, and relationships with others.

Educated children protect the world for future generation

It is clear that adults will leave the world to the next generation, who are probably still young children today. How will these kids protect and nurture the future world without education? The future of all the species – both animals and plants – in the world today depends on the education that young ones receive in school and other formal settings. In addition, it exposes these young ones to current affairs and helps them to understand the history of humanity.

It gives children courage and experience to face the world

The world is a strange place. It’s also an interesting place for young minds to explore. For these reasons, children need as much education as they can receive to muster the courage required to face what the world has to offer. More importantly, it passes the appropriate experience needed to overcome the barriers the world may have placed on their paths. With this, it is clear that children need education.

Therefore, there is little doubt of the fact that education is central to the wellbeing of children. Education is a tool that enables them to overcome some of life’s biggest challenges. It makes the young ones courageous and ensures they have all the experience needed to start life on a more positive note. With good education early in life, children will embark on the journey of life safe in the knowledge that their future will be bright.